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We at Metal Roofing Denver offer the highest quality of Metal Shingle Roofs for residential homes. We’ve been proven to provide excellent customer service and affordable prices to Denver residents and surrounding areas.

We understand that your home’s roof is a major investment which is why we give you honest assessment of your house’s needs. When it comes to cost, time frame, quality of materials, and communication our goal is to always to provide you the best experience.

Along with metal shingle roofing we offer a variety of other residential roofing solutions such as metal roof replacement, roof inspection, and metal roof repair. If you’re exploring the options of a new roof or simply need a quick fix and you’re in the greater Denver area call us today to get a free quote!


Residential Metal Shingle Roofing

Using metal shingles in comparison to other metal roofing systems has many benefits. Some include longevity, appearance, cost effectiveness, fire resistant, and resistant to weather. You have a variety of options when it comes to materials for your metal roof, such as aluminum being a favorite. The most important thing to remember when choosing what type of roof you want installed is how long you want it to last, how much are you willing to invest, and how do you want your home to appear post installation.



Metal Shingle Roofs are Denver Weather Resistant

Denver is notorious for having a variety of intense weather. From snow storms, high winds, heavy rain, and hot summers a metal roof offers advantages over traditional asphalt roofs in these areas.

Metal is extremely effective at insulating your home because of the way the materials react to heat. Metal transfers heat to cooler objects and absorbs heat from warmer objects. When sunlight hits your home (even during winter), your roof absorbs that heat. That heat is also stored when the sun goes down and fights against the colder temperatures at night.

Not only that, also during winter snow will easily fall off your metal shingle roof as well.


Metal Shingle Roofs are Fire Resistant

Living in Denver has many great aspects to it, one of the worries though is of wildfires. Metal roofs provide an extra layer of protection against fire because metal in inherently more fire resistant than traditional materials.

Materials such as asphalt or wood shakes can be treated to be more fire resistant but over time as they dry out and age they become less and less fire resistant. It only takes one ember to spark a fire, metal roofs are the only material that are 100% fire proof for the lifetime of thee roof.



How Long Metal Roofs Last

One of the best things about metal roofs is that they last for 40-70 years. So once you get your roof installed it can be the last roof you ever have installed. When it comes to maintenance your metal roof require less up keep in comparison to asphalt shingles.


Metal Roof Energy Efficiency

Because metal roofs reflect heat your energy bills in the summer will decrease and reduces heat loss in the winter. That means your electricity bill will decrease once your metal roof is installed.




Metal shingle roofs are designed to look like traditional roofs while providing the durability of metal. When you compare a metal shingle roof to a corrugated or standing seam roof the metal shingle looks much more traditional.

If you’re ready to take the next step by seeing if a metal roof is a good fit for you please give us at Metal Roofing Denver a call for a free quote. We provide the greater Denver area with the best metal roofing solutions for both residential and commercial buildings. We provide commercial roof inspection, commercial metal roof replacement, along with multiple residential services.

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