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We at Metal Roofing Denver are experts on repairing metal roofs after a signature Colorado storm. Being exposed to the elements can take a toll on your roof, but all is not lost when your metal roofing has been damaged. Here at Metal Roofing Denver, we\’ve repaired metal roofing in Denver for years, and we\’re experts on the subject. We’re able to fix all types of storm damage, at a price you can afford. All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll be up on your roof, ready to fix the problem. We offer many options for not only commercial roofs but also residential roofs as well including commercial metal roof inspections, residential roof inspections, residential roof replacements, residential roof repairs, and much more.


What is Denver Commercial Roof Inspection?

Commercial roofing and repairs can be tricky, especially for the novice. When you\’re looking for a Denver commercial roof repair professional, it\’s important to look for experience, as well as a trustworthy professional.

If you are looking for Commercial Metal Roof Repair in Denver, then you are in luck. Metal Roofing Denver can save you thousands of dollars over the cost of replacement. A metal roof repair is done by removing the damaged section of the metal roof, cutting out the damaged material, and replacing it with new metal and joining it back to the remaining structure. The company you choose will be responsible for the removal of the damaged panels, the installation of new metal, the cleanup of the area, and the inspection to ensure the new panels were installed correctly and that the metal roof is watertight again..



Why You May Need Commercial Roof Repair?

On a commercial metal roof, you have several key components to pay attention to for damage and eventual repair. The first is corrosion. Over time, the outside of your metal roofing panels will begin to corrode.

This happens when the metal roofing panels are exposed to moisture, which then causes the metals to rust. This rusting process then damages the metal roofing panels, which causes leaks within the building, which then causes the building to become uninhabitable.

The second concern with the metal roofing is loose or displaced metal roofing panels. Over time, the wind can blow the metal panels out of place, causing them to become loose. These loose panels can then either detach completely or slowly pull away from the building and can let water into the building causing damage. You can get a full commercial metal roof inspection of your roof to determine if a commercial roof replacement is needed or simply repairs.


Common Commercial Metal Roofing Issues

Roofing problems can happen for a number of reasons. The most common issues are improper installation, weather, and improper maintenance. Poorly installed metal roofs are the most common problem, and they can happen when there is not enough slope or there are punctures in the metal. Blow offs occur when there is too much slope or when there is a poor installation. Ponding can occur when there is not enough slope. When a metal roof is improperly installed or maintained, it is prone to rust and this can be an expensive problem.


Why Choose Us For Your Commercial Metal Roof Repair

If you are looking for a commercial roofing company, it is important that you call on a company that has extensive experience in the industry. You want to do business with a company that is familiar with your operation and the challenges that are specific to your line of work. We have been working with commercial roofing projects for many years, and understand the unique requirements that commercial properties present. Our team of specialists will evaluate your needs, and ensure that the work is completed on schedule and within budget. When we work on your project, we will treat it as if it were our own and will do everything possible to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the results.

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