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We at Metal Roofing Denver have serviced numerous happy customers we have countless years of experienc servicing metal roof repairs.

Our stellar reputation in the Colorado Springs area has been earned by providing our customers transparent communication, competitive pricing, and the absolute best service. We are an affordable roofing contractor with amazing customer service and the highest trained roofing specialists in the trade. We only use the best materials when working on your home or building to ensure peak performance over decades.

We offer metal roof repair services to the Colorado Springs area through appointment only.

We have experience inspecting roofs made with Aluminum, Copper, Corrugated Metal, Stand Seams, Metal Shingle, and Tin Roofs.

Metal Roofing Colorado Springs is our specialty!

What Is Metal Roof Repair

Metal roof repair is the process of fixing the damage, leaks, or other areas your roof was compromised. Metal roofs are well known for their longevity, though severe weather still occasionally causes damage. Common forms of damage include hail, heavy wind, torrential rains, and wildfires. Our process for repairing your roof is fast and simple, causing you the least amount of headache possible. We’ll first inspect the roof for areas of damage, we’ll then provide you with this inspection with our recommendations of which areas need attention first. Then we’ll get to work!



Why You Might Need Your Metal Roof Repaired

The favor for metal roofing is escalating across the past few years, because of advancements in the entire lifespan of metal roof systems. In fact, almost all of the current metal roofing systems have the capability to endure up to fifty years with sensible repairs & maintenance.

However, due to external factors such as rust, metal expansion, damage from storms, and contraction of the metal, they may periodically need repair to protect its structural strength and lifespan. It is vital to monitor your roof\’s condition to service minor concerns before they eventually become major concerns. Here are a few of the common signs of metal roofing problems:

Tears, Punctures, Leaks, and Gouges: Water is most definitely able to enter your home in different ways, one of the most easy to spot signs of metal roof damage is a leak. If not handled promptly, it will probably cost you a significant amount of money.

Stains and Ceiling Patches: Seeing splotches, dark marks, patches, and stains on your ceiling may be a signal there\’s a leak within your home\’s roof. Be mindful not to ignore this signal because these stains, patches, splotches, or dark marks can severely damage your ceiling, deteriorating it to the point it cannot hold up its own weight any longer.

Loose Nails: Can be the outcome of a number of concerns, such as faulty installation. Some types of metal roof fastenings will probably require re-tightening every ten to fifteen years. There are many situations where failed fasteners could cause water leakages.

Corrosion: rust and corrosion are one of the most ordinary concerns for metal roofs. Whether it occurs early on, or in 50 years, corrosion is imminent and will surely occur at some time in the duration of a metal roof.

Worn Paint: Paint serves as an additional defensive layer on metal roofs. However, changing temperatures, falling debris, hail, and other environmental factors will probably cause the paint to wear out. Once the paint starts to peel off, rain and other environmental elements get under the paint and onto the exposed, untreated exterior surface of your metal roof


How the metal roof repair service is completed

The procedure of metal roof repair begins with performing an exhaustive inspection around the j-rails, sealants, penetrations, seams, and end and side laps etc.

Then continue onto cleaning the surrounding area so it is clean of debris & dirt.

Once complete, the roofing specialist will scuff the area where repair is being made with a wire brush and then cut a piece of sheet metal to conceal the perimeter of the hole or patch.

Using a urethane-roofing sealant, the roofing specialist will reseal any areas with openings & holes. However, it is also vital to be cognisant that your metal roof system will reach a point where repairing is ineffective and restoration might be your best option.



Why Consider Metal Roofing for Your Colorado Home?

A lot is expected of your roof in Colorado While roofing materials are getting stronger, metal roofing and siding are still the most durable and energy-efficient roofing systems. High winds, fierce hailstorms, and so much more can be avoided with metal roofs. Because they last for decades, the upfront cost and added durability can save you years of costly repairs, and the risk of leaks or damages associated with other types of roofing.

What are the disadvantages of a metal roof

Metal roofing costs more than shingle roofs which is a disadvantage, they also tend to be noisier during storms as the rain or hail hits the roof.  

Some customers do not like the appearance of metal roofs and tend to expect a more traditional shingle roof appearance. Though this can be remedied through special materials that mimic the appearance of shingle roofs it can be a disadvantage.

The costs of metal roofing is an expensive type of roof. Metal roofing can cost from 5% to 10% of the roof cost. Installation As with most types of roofing, installing metal roofing can be quite complicated. A qualified professional should install a metal roof. Because of the complicated nature of the installation, metal roofing is a job for professionals. In addition to the complexity, there are many additional tools required when installing a metal roof which makes them more expensive than the average roofing job.

What Type of Metal is Most Common for Roofing?

Although steel is the most common metal for roofing, homeowners can still expect a great roof that protects their home even if it is galvanized, weathering steel, or galvalume steel.

Is a metal roof worth it?

Yes, metal roofs are well worth their investment. They tend to last for decades, are low maintenance, and have many different appearance options. 

Metal roofing is the best choice for most roofs of all types because they provide a durable, lasting surface.

What Is Metal Roofing Made Of?

Metal roofs may be made of materials such as aluminum, steel, zinc, copper, lead, or alloy. Most of the structure of aluminum is made of aluminum. It can be used to match the shape of a shingle or tile. Our metal roofing systems come with extended manufacturer warranties that provide the peace of mind of knowing that your roof is protected while it is protecting your home or business

How long do metal roofs last?

Metal roofs last much longer than shingle roofs. Typically a metal roof can last between 30-50 years depending on where the home is located, upkeep, and installation quality.

If you\’re ready to explore having your roof fixed, give us a call, Metal Roofing Denver, to repair your metal roof. We also offer other roofing services for the greater Location region. We are an expert roofing contractor who can do the repair for you in a proper and professional manner.